London Blockchain Week Workshops

  • Start date

    13 February '19
  • End date

    14 February '19
  • Location

    London, UK
Money, Macro Economics & Token Business Modes

Learn about how Money and Macroeconomics play a role in tokens, stablecoins and other token business models from the man who literally wrote the book on it. (The Token Handbook). David also successfully launched the Pillar Project and 20/30. He's a visionary, a pioneer and an expert with hands on experience. If you're interested in navigating the nuances of tokens and their underlying business model, this is a must attend workshop.


Ethereum in the Enteprise: Strategy, Applications and Deployment for Business

ConsenSys is the world’s largest blockchain focused company comprising of a Venture Capital Fund, a 40+ startup Incubator, an Accelerator, a Capital Arm and a 500 person Advisory, Technology Implementation and Corporate Venturing team. Learn about Blockchain applications and how they will revolutionise enterprise. This workshop is intended for enterprise professionals, innovators and senior team members in large corporations.


Business Advancement & Action Workshop

Blockchain and frontier technologies are being embraced globally across commercial sectors, state organisations and by governments. In 2019, post the crypto hype, their emergence presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to be at the forefront of creating a new economic, collaborative and technology age and lead the companies that adopt its potential. A workshop to educate, harness opportunity, connect resources required and take action to provide economic, employment, educational, social and other benefits.


Women's Investment & Leadership Workshop

Put three social impact leader’s Dr Jane Thomason, Lisa Short and Sharon Henley together in one room and the outcome is collaboration and an action plan to make things happen when it is not happening fast enough.

We all know that empowering women in business to thrive to their full potential is a huge opportunity and advantage, but let’s face it, most of the economy are missing the boat here. And unless you have been under a rock this past year, it’s hard to escape the fact that blockchain and frontier technologies are about to revolutionise the world. Embracing the potential of women, education, and blockchain & frontier technologies is profound. A new paradigm is required with a new narrative.

A workshop to educate, provide tools, harness opportunity, connect resources required and take action to provide economic, employment, educational, social and other benefits to transform business operations.