SCAM ALERT - Huobi exchange stole funds from a Cointelligence Fund portfolio company

SCAM ALERT - Huobi exchange stole funds from a Cointelligence Fund portfolio company

An announcement that was published by FractureLabs on Twitter.


We had announced on 31 October 2022 the continued partnership between FractureLabs and Huobi.

Due to revelations that have come to light, FractureLabs has been trying to engage Huobi in respect of the operations of its account and its assets held with Huobi.

As a result of our inability to utilize or withdraw our assets in our Huobi account, we had to scale back on our operations for some time, although with the support of our investors we have started to ramp up our operations again.

We are, at the same time, taking professional advice on our next course of action, including from our legal advisors.

Trading of our token on Huobi is unaffected at the moment, and trading on other exchanges is not affected. We thank our community for its continued support.

In order for FractureLabs to take further steps to protect its assets, we call on our community members to write to us at [email protected] if you have any information on the following:

a. Any issues with withdrawals and/or operations of Huobi accounts that have been encountered
by you or someone you know.

b. Details of’s operations and management, in particular the identity of the Huobi
entity and/or individual officers who are authorised to manage the operations of Huobi accounts and/or having custody of the assets in Huobi accounts;

c. Corporate information of Huobi Global Limited (incorporated in Seychelles) including but not
limited to the identities of its director(s) and/or shareholder(s) and/or senior management;

d. Details of Huobi’s recent restructuring, including the move of Huobi’s corporate headquarters
to the Caribbean;

e. Connections between Huobi Global Limited (incorporated in Seychelles) and any of Huobi’s
Singapore or Hong Kong entities;

f. Information regarding the current role and designation (if any) of the executive team and decision makers in Huobi Global Limited (Seychelles entity), FEU International Pte Ltd (Singapore entity), New Huo Digital Limited (Hong Kong entity, formerly known as Huobi Digital Limited), New Huo Technology Holdings Ltd (BVI entity listed in Hong Kong, formerly known as Huobi Technology Holdings Pte Ltd) respectively and/or any other entities in the Huobi group and/or the New Huo group;

g. Any ongoing legal proceedings involving Huobi Global Limited (incorporated in Seychelles);

h. Any financial information regarding Huobi Global Limited (incorporated in Seychelles).

Thank you.