What do you need to participate in an ICO airdrop?

You’re curious about the tools that you may require to get the free tokens. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll explain all the tools that may be involved in an ICO airdrop.

If you’re in to the crypto community then you’re probably familiar with airdrops. If you’re new to the community and unaware of their meaning, then know that ICO airdrops are used by projects to distribute free tokens. That may sound like it is too good to be true. However, numerous projects perform crypto airdrops to attract investors and gain social media followers.

An ICO airdrop is an effective tool that many projects use for marketing and to pump the value of their tokens. However, a crypto airdrop can also have a negative impact on the value of the tokens for a project, because it may attract non-serious investors. Moreover, it might also just increase the social media followership of a project, while not having any impact on its social engagement or actual investments.

Still, you may want to give this a try because it’s an easy way to participate in the crypto sphere. So, you’ve found a perfect airdrop and now want to participate in it to get a token free. You’re curious about the tools that you may require to get the free tokens. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll explain all the tools that may be involved in an ICO airdrop.

1. Social Media Profiles

To participate in any airdrop, you most definitely require social media profiles. The mostly commonly utilized platform is Telegram. You may already be using it for communicating, just like the 200 million other users.

Along with Telegram, you may also need Twitter and Facebook accounts. Some airdrops require the completion of tasks such as liking Facebook pages and following them on Twitter. Therefore, in order to get the free tokens, you will be required to have these social media profiles. Email addresses are also a requirement for many airdrops.

These are just some of the most commonly used profiles for airdrops, there are cases where the airdrops may give the task to like, follow, or share their content on other social media platforms. A good understanding of the commonly used platforms will be an asset when you’re participating in an airdrop.

2. An Active Ethereum or EOS Wallet

A sizeable majority of the airdrops are conducted by tokens that are ERC-20 compliant, so, you’ll probably need an “active” Ethereum wallet. EOS is also an increasingly popular platform for airdrops, so to get the most out of your airdrop activity, be sure you can participate in both styles of drop. We emphasize its active status because there have been cases where the airdrops check the activity level of the wallets, before directing funds in it. This is done to avoid paying out to fraudulent wallets, which are created for the sole purpose of cheating extra funds from airdrops.

Lastly, the wallet should be a personal wallet and not on an exchange. This can also cause trouble while accepting the free tokens from airdrops.


Airdrops may seem like a good opportunity to make some easy bucks, but it is important to stay safe out there. Not all airdrops are legitimate, before participating in any, research about it, to make sure that they are not fraudulent. Never give out your private key to airdrops, because that may be used to skim funds out of your wallets. Whenever participating in the airdrops, only give out your public keys, which do not pose a threat to your wallet.

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