Bitbond STO (BB1)

1st German Security Token Offering of Bonds

The Bitbond Token (BB1) is Germany’s first security token and aims to make business lending globally accessible. Bitbond is the first crypto-currency based lending platform for business loans that operates globally. Founded in 2013, Bitbond now facilitates more than $1 million in business loans every month.

The issuer of the token is Bitbond Finance GmbH, a company fully owned by Bitbond GmbH. Token holders will receive 1% interest on their invested amount every quarter (4% per year). Additionally, token holders receive a variable coupon paid out once per year.

Both the quarterly and the annual coupons continue for 10 years, at which point the token reaches its maturity and is bought back at its face value of €1 per token. If you want to take advantage of the discounts, we encourage you to invest on March 11th, 2019 as discounts will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

ICO Start

May 7, 2019


Jul 8, 2019

Bitbond Use of Token

The BB1 Token is a fixed-income product with 4% p.a. coupon and a 60% distribution of profits. This is a high return placement that offers diversification and performance with a buy back guarantee at maturity. The purpose is to finance the real economy through Bitbond SME Lending platform.

  • Organization


  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Security Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    1,000,000 USD

  • Max cap

    100,000,000 USD

  • Max supply


  • Price


Bitbond Use of Proceeds

Bitbond Team Members

  • Radoslav Albrecht
    Radoslav Albrecht Founder and CEO Linkedin logo
  • Jarek Nowotka
    Jarek Nowotka CTO Linkedin logo
  • Michael Pinkus
    Michael Pinkus CFO Linkedin logo
  • Henning Franken
    Henning Franken General Counsel Linkedin logo
  • Jangir Bektemissov
    Jangir Bektemissov Head of Credit Linkedin logo