Bither Platform ICO (BTR)

New Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy: Three-layer solution, Multi-mining capability, Optimizing the energy consumption

Bither Platform (BTR) is a Three-layer and multi-mining project that is an answer to the energy consumption problem in PoW mechanism, The first layer is a fully functional and secure layer with a reward system for the miners. The second layer is where different projects like sidechains are going to be added. Scientific and research projects that are in need of computing power, are going to rent their required hashing power on the third layer. Ability to reuse the computing power on the Bither platform generates a new source of income for the miners which is a perfect solution to keep the mining profitable in downtrend and bear markets. One of the characteristics that makes Bither a different project comparing to other projects that support sidechains is the independence of sidechains when issuing transactions, in other words, sidechains don't need to use the main layer's coins as a fee of the transaction, and they can use their own coins.

ICO Start

20 Apr, 2019


28 Jun, 2019

Bither Platform Use of Token

1.Optimized use of energy with the multi-mining ability to incentivize miners 2.The possibility to create thousands of sidechains in the network 3.Recording transaction details on the sidechains rather than the main network 4.Not needing Bither balance for the sidechain transactions 5.A standard platform where scientific projects can purchase their required computing power. 6.Providing the required hashing power for mineable projects at the start of their activity 7.Profitable mining during market downturns 8.Defining a safe and secure standard to prevent fraud in the initial coin offerings (ICO) 9.The possibility to define and create holding companies 10.Setting up decentralized and user-friendly exchanges

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