DigiShares STO (DIGI)

DigiShares is your guide towards a successful security token offering

Through DigiShares, company shares can be digitized and issued as tokens on the blockchain. A digital share certificate will be stored within each token. Each token will represent one share in the company. DigiShares will ensure that only whitelisted verified and approved investors can buy tokens.

DigiShares is a white-label software solution for the issuance and management of securities (shares, bonds, etc.) on the blockchain and is one of the first functional and compliant STO platforms in Europe. The solution provides a dashboard for the issuer with an ownership cap table that is automatically updated when tokens are traded. The token smart contract automatically checks that the buyer is whitelisted and updates the share cap table if the trade is allowed. This ensures that the issuer will avoid non-compliance.

The solution provides the investor with a dashboard to register and get verified through a customized KYC/AML process. The issuer can track the status of all investors through the issuer dashboard. The issuer can also manage the allocation of shares, approval of investor verification, calling of votes, distribution of dividends, reissuing of lost tokens, etc. The issuer can whitelist new investors that are interested in buying shares.

We will now conduct our own STO as a pilot project for the platform and we are currently doing the private placement.

Start Date

29 Mar, 2019

End Date

29 Mar, 2019

DigiShares Use of Token

Equity ownership

  • Organization

    DigiShares IVS

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Security Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap


  • Max cap

  • Max supply

    12600 (for the private placement) and 93700 (public placement)

DigiShares Team Members

  • Claus Skaaning
    Claus Skaaning CEO & founder
  • Mette Folden Kibsgaard
    Mette Folden Kibsgaard CMO & founder
  • Yury Zubarovskiy
    Yury Zubarovskiy CTO & founder