H Education World

H Education World

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Blockchain based educational platform

H-Education World is a blockchain based educational platform that has been developed to connect students to the best educational resources and novel learning mechanisms at the lowest possible prices. H-Education World also features specialized exams designed to assess students’ true potential and enable students to be admitted to the best educational institutions according to the platform’s holistic assessment.

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Start: Jul 16, 2018End: Dec 14, 2018

Use of Token

HCoin is H-Education World's native token. HCoin is issued on Waves platform. 100 million HCoins are offered for sale via the ICO, which correspond to 10% of the total coin supply. Holders of HCoins will be offered discounts on sales of educational material, educational software, books, online courses, fees of exams conduced by H-Education network. HCoin will be also used to pay for application and tuition fees for colleges.

  • Country India
  • Organization H Network International
  • Social
  • Platform Waves
  • Coin Type Utility Token
  • CategoryEducation
  • Accepted Currency
    • BTC
    • ETH
    • WAVES
  • Max Cap100,000,000 dollar
  • Max Supply1,000,000,000 HIDU
  • Price1 dollar
  • Whiteliston
  • Website

Token Sale Stages

StageStart dateEnd dateAmount of tokensPriceDiscount
Pre Token Sale
16 July, 2018
15 August, 2018
No limit
Token Sale 1 (min. $25,000 for discount)
16 August, 2018
22 August, 2018
No limit
Token Sale 2 (min. $15,000 for discount)
23 August, 2018
14 December, 2018
No limit


Use of Proceeds


  • Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma

    CEO & Founder
  • Parul Sharma

    Parul Sharma

    CEO - H Education World
  • Tarun Kumar

    Tarun Kumar

    Crypto Advisor
  • Yash Varma

    Yash Varma

    Cyber-Security Advisor
  • Abhishek David

    Abhishek David

    Web Technology & Social Media Advisor
  • Past
  • May 2018

    31 May, 2018

    New Sub-Platform launches

  • Future
  • July 2018

    31 July, 2018

    Pre Token Sale

  • August 2018

    31 August, 2018

    HEW Token Sale

  • September 2018

    30 September, 2018

    Main platform launch; Process initiation for international tie-ups

  • December 2018

    31 December, 2018

    Standalone Online Bookstore launch for e-books; Initial upload of prep courses to be completed for existing grades and boards

  • Q1 2019

    31 March, 2019

    Initial upload of prep courses for remaining boards and grades in India to be completed; Initial upload for specialized career-oriented courses to start; Admin set-up in other markets to start; Launch of international qualifying exams

  • Q2 2019

    30 June, 2019

    Launch of platform for international admissions and fee payments; Initial upload of development courses to start; Bookstore to start self-publishing services + launch of print services

  • Q3 2019

    30 September, 2019

    Initial upload of prep courses for school level in USA, UK, Canada to start

  • Q4 2019

    31 December, 2019

    Initial upload of professional development courses to be completed; Initial upload of prep courses for schools in USA, UK, Canada to complete

  • 2020

    31 December, 2020

    Laying of groundwork for first school and college - Land identification, clearances and other paperwork; Launch of social network for HEW students

  • 2021

    31 December, 2021

    Inauguration of first school and college; Groundwork for more schools and colleges; Launch of scholarships on main platforms

  • 2022

    31 December, 2022

    Launch of proprietary Ed-Tech software and hardware