MenaPay ICO (MPAY)

Crypto made easier than cash

“MenaPay is the first, fully backed blockchain-based payment gateway in the Middle East and Africa. MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods with a blockchain-based fully backed cryptocurrency. This provides a secure and transparent payment gateway to enable transactions for every aspect of daily life.

MenaPay will connect customers directly to the merchants with the aid of the blockchain. Merchants will be able to integrate MenaPay and payment gateway on their platform. Most merchants will not accept crypto as payment on their platform due to cash-out issues and price fluctuations. As a result, the developers came up with MenaCash. This coin is backed 100% by the US dollar. It is going to be used as currency for transactions on the MenaPay platform. On this platform, each MenaCash coin is worth one dollar.”


MenaPay Score Analysis

  • Total 5.6
  • Integrity 5
  • Team 9
  • Vision 3
  • Product 5
  • Marketing mid-high
  • Community mid
  • Risk mid

MenaPay is constucting an Islam-compatible cryptocurrency - a relatively new niche with few competitors. However, these competitors were never explored by MenaPay. The team is well experienced, including the managing director, CTO, development team and CMO, as well as a large amount of relevant experts and advisors. Despite the github lacking much activity, the beta mobile app has been released to selected testers, and the merchant tools are scheduled to be launched in December 2018. Full functionality and AI capability is scheduled for release in December 2019. The CMO has done well with marketing efforts, which are recieving average responses from the crypto community. Some red flags identified include a lack of all partnerships being verifiable and a lack of smart contract available online.

MenaPay Use of Token

MenaCash is the default and only cryptocurrency of MenaChain. MenaCash is a stable coin backed by USD. All created MenaCash will be backed where 1MenaCash = 1 USD.

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  • Platform


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  • Soft cap

    5,000,000 USD

  • Max cap

    25,000,000 USD

  • Max supply

    400,000,000 MPAY

  • Price

    0.165 USD

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MenaPay Token Sale Stages

MenaPay Distribution

MenaPay Use of Proceeds

MenaPay Team Members

  • Barış Özistek
    Barış Özistek Executive Board Member Linkedin logo
  • Lawrence Du Pre
    Lawrence Du Pre Executive Board Member Linkedin logo
  • Füsun Nebil
    Füsun Nebil Executive Board Member Linkedin logo
  • Burak Günsev
    Burak Günsev Executive Board Member Linkedin logo
  • Burak Balık
    Burak Balık Executive Board Member Linkedin logo
  • Tugrul Sevim
    Tugrul Sevim Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Mete Tevetoğlu
    Mete Tevetoğlu Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Elsie Habib
    Elsie Habib Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Kerem Kalkanci
    Kerem Kalkanci Advisor Linkedin logo

    MenaPay Past Events

    • 28 February, 2018

      1st round capital team building

    • 30 April, 2018

      Product development start tokeneconomics

    • 30 June, 2018

      Ico website live foundation establishement

    • 31 July, 2018

      50 merchant integration (Loi signed)

    • 31 October, 2018

      Mobile app beta test ready

    • 30 November, 2018

      Menacash transaction test

    • 31 December, 2018

      Merchant tools launch API & SDK

    MenaPay Future Events

    • 31 January, 2019

      Pre-ICO start & Mobile Apps Launch

    • 28 February, 2019

      Public Token Sale (ICO)

    • 30 April, 2019

      Listing on one of the top 10 exchanges

    • 31 May, 2019

      New Security Feature Face Recognition

    • 31 July, 2019

      Reaching 5 offices in MENA countries

    • 31 August, 2019

      500 Merchant Integration

    • 30 September, 2019

      Reaching 5 million MenaPay users

    • 31 October, 2019

      Parental control for family accounts

    • 30 November, 2019

      MenaPay in Asian countries and reaching 1000 merchants

    • 31 December, 2019

      Advanced AI features: P2P lending & payment installments