Trecento Blockchain Capital ICO (TOT)

Blockchain based investment solution

Trecento Blockchain Capital is an investment solution that aims to harness the most profitable investment opportunities backed up by the blockchain technology. Trecento boasts 4 investment funds that represent the entire investment cycle of blockchain companies including ICO funds, crypt-trading funds, venture capital funds, and funds of funds.

Start: Jun 1, 2018
End: Nov 30, 2018

Trecento Blockchain Capital Use of Token

Trecento token (TOT) is Trecento Blockchain Capital's native token. TOT is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. 75% of the total token amount will be offered for sale via the ICO. Holders of TOT tokens will receive free management for ICO investments, and discounts on management and performance fees if they pay with the token.

  • Organization

    Trecento Blockchain Capital

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    5,890,740 USD

  • Max cap

    23,562,960 USD

  • Max supply

  • Price

    1.18 USD

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Trecento Blockchain Capital Token Sale Stages

Trecento Blockchain Capital Distribution

Trecento Blockchain Capital Use of Proceeds

Trecento Blockchain Capital Team Members

  • Alice Lhabouz
    Alice Lhabouz CEO Linkedin logo
  • Adrien Lhabouz
    Adrien Lhabouz COO Linkedin logo
  • Elie Boudara
    Elie Boudara CBO Linkedin logo
  • Romain Decorps
    Romain Decorps CIO Linkedin logo
  • Sothira NGAUV
    Sothira NGAUV CAO Linkedin logo
  • Dimitri Granger
    Dimitri Granger CMO Linkedin logo
  • Steeve Bitton
    Steeve Bitton Head of Quantitative Linkedin logo
  • Tiphaine Trinquier
    Tiphaine Trinquier Executive Assistant Linkedin logo
  • Matthias Poirier
    Matthias Poirier Key Partner Linkedin logo
  • Germain Mathieu
    Germain Mathieu Key Partner Linkedin logo
  • Micha Roon
    Micha Roon Smart Contracts Designer Linkedin logo
  • Hubert de Vauplane
    Hubert de Vauplane Legal Advisor Linkedin logo

    Trecento Blockchain Capital Past Events

    • 31 December, 2017

      Market Analysis, Feasibility & Technical study, Legal & Compliance study, Strategy & Business Plan

    Trecento Blockchain Capital Future Events

    • 30 June, 2018

      WhitePaper and ICO documents, Advisors selection, ICO campaign (roadshows in Blockchain events), DAO development

    • 31 December, 2018

      Application and approval of Trecento Blockchain Capital (FINMA), Working with European regulators on funds Tokenization, Technological tools & Dashboard development, Funds Smart Contract development, Audit & Security verification, Strenghtening of the team and new talents hiring

    • 30 June, 2019

      Distribution agreements with International partnerships, Funds Smart Contracts implementation, Launch of Trecento Blockchain capital funds (ICO, Crypto, Trading, VC)

    • 31 December, 2019

      Closing of the Venture Capital Fund Beta version of the DAO

    • 31 December, 2020

      New Office openings across Asia, Middle East and North America, Additional talents hiring, New Blockchain thematic funds.