Vanywhere ICO (VANY)

A live skill-sharing platform


Vanywhere is a live skill sharing blockchain based platform that instantly connects users seeking certain skills and talents with freelancers providing them. With Vanywhere, you can get personalized results tailored just to your exact needs. All interactions between clients and freelancers take place via live, 1-on-1 video and voice chats.
With Vanywhere, you can pay by the minute to talk face-to-face with freelancers who have the exact skills and experiences you are seeking, instead of reading content online. It’s like FaceTiming with a freelancer who can help you style an outfit, cook a meal, fix your smartphone, or even learn to code. Vanywhere has innovated a business model based on the VANY token and smart contracts to offer the world a perfect skill sharing marketplace.

Start Date

22 Jun, 2018

End Date

30 Sep, 2018

Vanywhere Score Analysis

Vanywhere is developing a skill-sharing platform where people talk to people with relevant skills and experience via video chat, messaging and voice calls. Vanywhere appears to be the most popular decentralised actor in this market and its more centralised competitors lack the advantages of blockchain technology. Vanywhere already has an app available for download on the App Store and it appears to be everything that Vanywhere promised. The team is pretty good with an experienced CEO and CTO but no developer team, no expert in skillsharing markets and an inexperienced marketing director. Despite this, Vanywhere's marketing is high quality though its response from the crypto community is only somewhat decent.

Vanywhere Use of Token

"The VANY token is Vanywhere's native token. VANY is a Qtum based QRC20 token. There will be a total of 800 million VANY tokens. 50% of the total supply will be offered for sale via the ICO, 22% will be held by the company, 14% will be reserved for partners, advisors and bounties, and the remaining 13% will be awarded to the project's team with a vesting period of 2 years. VANY tokens are the currency that has to be used to pay for services offered via Vanywhere's platform. It is also needed to purchase native ads and promoted content on the platform. Also, users who review Skiller applications will be incentivized with VANY tokens."

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  • Coin type

    Utility Token

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Vanywhere Token Sale Stages

  • Stage
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Amount of Tokens
  • Price
  • Discount
    • Private sale
    • 22 June, 2019
    • 23 July, 2019
    • No limit
    • 0.05
    • Claim
    • Public Sale Stage 1
    • 23 July, 2019
    • 27 July, 2019
    • No limit
    • 0.05
    • 12
    • Claim
    • Public Sale Stage 2
    • 27 July, 2019
    • 07 August, 2019
    • No limit
    • 0.05
    • 6
    • Claim
    • Public Sale Stage 3
    • 07 August, 2019
    • 13 August, 2019
    • No limit
    • 0.05
    • Claim

Vanywhere Distribution

Vanywhere Use of Proceeds

Vanywhere Team Members

  • Rami Shechter
    Rami Shechter CEO & Founder
  • Itay Shechter
    Itay Shechter COO & Co-founder
  • Gilad Menashe
    Gilad Menashe CTO
  • Dmitry Khmelnitsky
    Dmitry Khmelnitsky Art Director

Vanywhere Advisors

  • Lisa Chai
    Lisa Chai Advisor
  • Joel Telpner
    Joel Telpner Advisor
  • Amit Bohensky
    Amit Bohensky Technical Advisor
  • Tal Navarro
    Tal Navarro Digital Marketing Advisor

Vanywhere Past Events

  • 31 December, 2019

    Concept roots and research

  • 31 December, 2019

    Creating the user experience and UI, iOS development, product testing and product optimization

  • 31 March, 2019

    Product testing, product optimization and raised $500,000 seed

  • 30 June, 2019

    Crossrider innovations, implementing blockchain technology, and building digital wallet

  • 31 March, 2019

    Qtum collaboration and token sale

  • 30 June, 2019

    Token sale, beta launch of iOS and cross-platform development (web+mobile)

  • 31 December, 2019

    Android launch and growing the ecosystem

  • 31 March, 2019

    Web application launch, inclusion of premium revenue channels based on promoted content and native advertising