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YoBit Coin

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Digitizing Betting With Blockchain

Casinos and other gaming institutions are notorious for cheating their customers out of cash. YoBit Coin ensures that it does not happen on its platform through the use of blockchain technology, which ensures that every transaction and every move is recorded and stored on a transparent and open ledger. YoBit hosts digital slot machines, sporting bets, casino games and other betting sports.

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Start: Aug 1, 2018End: Oct 15, 2018

Use of Token

YBC is the platform's native currency. YBC is an Ethereum based ERC20 compliant token. Users can use YBC for playing games and using other services on the platform.

  • Country Australia
  • Organization YoBit
  • Social
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Coin Type Utility Token
  • CategoryGambling
  • Accepted Currency
    • BTC
    • ETH
    • USD
  • Soft Cap2,500,000 dollar
  • Max Cap7,500,000 dollar
  • Max Supply2,000,000 YBC
  • Price5
  • Website

Token Sale Stages

StageStart dateEnd dateAmount of tokensPriceDiscount
Token Sale
1 August, 2018
15 October, 2018
1,400,000 YBC


Use of Proceeds

  • Past
  • Plan developing and designing

    29 April, 2018

  • Smart Contract

    7 July, 2018

  • Future
  • API, Pre-Sale Tokens and Web Wallet

    1 August, 2018