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Learn cryptocurrency trading on Cointelligence Academy

Who should learn cryptocurrency trading?

We recommend this crypto trading course to students who are already familiar with cryptocurrency. If you do not have any crypto knowledge yet, please take a few of the free Cointelligence Academy lessons before you try to learn cryptocurrency trading.

Not everyone is interested in cryptocurrency trading. For many crypto enthusiasts, it is enough to either “hodl” their crypto assets, or spend them like any other currency. However, even those who are not interested in trading may benefit from learning more about it, if only to provide advice to any family and friends who might develop an interest.

Even if you have experience with trading other assets, such as stocks and bonds, you may find a crypto trading course beneficial. While some concepts transfer over, the crypto market offers some unique challenges.

Before you learn crypto trading, make sure you are familiar with local regulations surrounding the owning and trading of crypto assets in your country.

Advice for getting the most out of this cryptocurrency trading course
Give yourself time to watch an entire class in a single sitting. Watch the class in a relatively quiet, distraction free zone (or wear noise-canceling headphones). Take ample notes! Many people find that taking notes the old-fashioned way, with a pen and paper, helps them recall information more easily than typing their notes. Use the rewind feature to go back and relearn anything you didn’t catch the first time through. Pause to take notes. Rewatch the entire lesson if you want to. Join the Telegram group and ask any questions that may arise while you’re watching the class.

Because our class is self-paced and available whenever you want to take it, you can learn crypto trading at the time that is most convenient for you. We recommend that you view the courses at a time of day when you are feeling awake, well-rested, and not hungry or thirsty.

It may also be easier to learn crypto trading if you can find a “study buddy.” Either convince a friend or family member to take the class alongside you, or make a new friend in our Telegram chat. Having a connection with one or more “classmates” (even if you only interact online) will help you stay motivated and accountable. You can help each other out by quizzing each other on the class content and sharing your progress as you try your hand at actual trades.

If you have any other study tips which have helped you, please share them in the Telegram chat