Seven Stars Cloud to develop Quantum Global Settlement Network

The publicly listed company Seven Stars Cloud (SSC) has announced that it will be collaborating with Guangzhou Yongkai Industrial Co. Ltd to upgrade the existing Quantum Global Settlement Network. The updated network will support banking settlements of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.
Seven Stars Cloud (SSC) is a publicly traded company that is listed on NASDAQ. The company strives to become a leading blockchain-based Fintech company that aims at revolutionizing the global payment industry.

On February 2nd, SSC announced in a press release that it will be collaborating with Guangzhou Yongkai Industrial Co. Ltd, a company headquartered in China. The two entities will work together to develop and upgrade the existing Quantum Global Settlement Network.

The Quantum Global Settlement Network relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is based on the blockchain technology. Currently, it is only used in the banking settlement of hard/fiat currencies. However, with this conjoined effort, the platform will soon be upgraded to support the settlement of digital assets too.

The Quantum Network is currently operational and accepted by multiple big retail banks in China and other Asian countries, which utilize the system for hard currency banking settlements. The network's transmission capabilities exceed those provided by optical fibers, mobile networks, and even low orbit satellites.

Quantum encryption features will be implemented onto the network during the second half of 2018. This will ensure that the network supports the most advanced levels of security for all communications taking place across the network.

SSC offers asset owners a platform that can help them in digital asset securitization as well as digital currency tokenization and trading. SSC is powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies.

By providing such a platform, SSC hopes to become a leading Fintech company that uses the most modern technologies to provide their customers with the best services. Digital currency tokenization has taken the trading industry by storm. However, there are only a few companies that provide support for trading of various digital tokens. SSC is one of those professional companies that is providing its customers with a professional level of service.

SSC announced this coloration through a press release that was published on February 2nd.