Showcasing NFT Utility one Marble at a Time

Showcasing NFT Utility one Marble at a Time

By Tanya Lindsay

There is a tangible excitement among NFT projects on Polygon as 17 projects embark in the largest showcase of collective NFT utility seen on Polygon or on any other blockchain.

The Mibs Polygon Spring Festival is the brainchild of CryptoMibs, an arcade-style gaming platform based on NFT marbles.  With the use of their app MibFactory, each owner of NFTs from the participating projects is able to turn their collection into marbles and use them to play in a friendly intra-project competition for all the marbles!

What is special about this event two-fold.  One, NFT projects with little utility can provide their collectors with added entertainment value and exclusive access into another platform on Polygon, during and beyond the tournament.  Two, NFTs will be used to manage the execution of the tournament.  The members of each team are identified by the marble they own, and as teams progress through the elimination rounds, their ability to play, and who the play against, will be purely determined by the NFT granted to them by the tournament. 

It is exciting times indeed on Polygon.  It is a different angle to interoperability that may re-ignite the promises of Web3, by the people for people.  

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