Social network messenger app launches blockchain-based digital tokens

The blockchain is revolutionizing every walk of life and now, it is even impacting the most important component of our society: mothers. The unique idea came from an existing social platform "" that allowed mothers from different parts of the world to interact with each other. Mothers are rewarded with bloom tokens for their contributions to the network.
Once limited only to the cryptocurrency space, the blockchain technology has now become a useful application in a myriad of industrial sectors. It is especially beneficial in terms of keeping data confidential and secure, as well as saving regulatory costs. It is because of these advantages that the technology is currently witnessing numerous applications.

Apart from industries like medicine, education, and trading, an interesting platform known as “” has announced the launch of a blockchain-based digital product. is a social networking app that allows mothers from all over the world to share their parenting experiences. The app currently has more than 1 million users.’s native currency, called Bloom, is aimed at empowering mothers in developed and under-developed regions of the world. It is a demography-based currency, the value of which will grow as the network, its client-base, and number of use cases grows. The idea is to create an advertising space that will encourage blockchain implementation and also reward users for their contributions.’s CEO Sergey Shenderov states that this initiative will reward moms on the network for their valuable time. She said, “Our users are jointly experiencing some of the most exciting and trying times of their lives, and the levels of support and trust among them are unprecedented.” Most of the platform’s user-base is comprised of women who want to earn money from home.

A digital currency like bloom makes this possible. These women will now be paid in bloom tokens for their content and contribution to the network. They will be rewarded for the “amazing work they do building, safekeeping and improving our community,” Sergey says. “We will give them back the economic rights to their own attention – they’ve rightly earned that with every helpful post and comment,” she stated.

It is to be noted here that bloom is not just limited to Rather, it will serve as a platform on its own. A currency, which is designed particularly for mothers, will serve as an empowerment tool for the community. It will also raise the value of maternity-related content on the web. Moreover, parenting websites or platforms can use bloom as an engagement tool to attract a greater audience of mothers.

The system has been operating since last year. users started using bloom tokens in July 2017, as a way to express their gratitude to one another. About 150,000 tokens were distributed initially. Now, 500,000 bloom tokens are distributed every month.