How StartApp’s new platform is expanding blockchain’s reach

Mobile apps have transformed our lives.  When it comes to managing business schedules, finding affordable concert tickets, and beating rush hour traffic, thousands of apps compete to make our routines more efficient and pleasant.  They may be limited in function, but being so specifically tailored means that for the right user, an app can have a tremendous impact. These apps could be even more impactful by integrating blockchain technology, which has already transformed the way many store and secure their data.  But despite being technologically savvy, most mobile app developers still have not mastered blockchain technology. This has prevented them from taking advantage of all that blockchain tech has to offer, and is why many who would benefit from features like smart contracts and secure crypto wallets are not using them.

This comes as a surprise to many mobile app users, who may assume that modern app development incorporates the latest technologies at developers’ disposal. StartApp, a mobile media and data company that works with mobile app publishers, was naturally less surprised.

The company saw blockchain’s absence in mobile app development as a missed opportunity, prompting it to launch a new blockchain platform for mobile apps. The new platform is called Mobilechain, and is designed to ease the incorporation of blockchain technologies into mobile apps. Mobilechain works by distributing these technologies through software development kits (SDKs).  Since developers are familiar with SDKs and have worked through these systems, they become significantly less wary of blockchain features that may otherwise seem puzzling.

What Does Mobilechain Do?

Mobilechain allows developers to take advantage of opportunities that previously eluded them.  They can integrate secure cryptowallets to store the ‘keys’ necessary for receiving and spending cryptocurrency.  This connects developers to millions of other cryptowallets, allowing them to build their own cryptoeconomies. Once they have connected to more potential users, they can use predefined templates to construct smart contracts.  By incorporating the community aspect of blockchain into extant mobile apps, Mobilechain has the potential to make transactions quicker and easier.

“StartApp believes blockchain technology will be the key to transforming the mobile economy,” says Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of StartApp. “We believe that, for blockchain technology to be truly adopted by the masses, it needs to be brought into the mobile ecosystem. Once a critical mass of early adopters, like app publishers and developers, implement the technology, mainstream consumers will follow, cementing blockchain as a viable mass market technology worldwide.”

The Next Platform for Mobile Development

Of course, as StartApp just recently announced Mobilechain’s launch, mobile app developers are yet to review it for themselves.  Before blockchain technology becomes mainstream in the world of mobile apps, enough developers will have to trust that this new platform actually leads to new opportunities.  It may take the confidence of a few prestigious mobile apps to initiate a wider tendency towards blockchain, and only time will tell if blockchain can cross this key threshold by gaining enough trust.  Mobilechain could be blockchain’s best chance at extending a useful hand to developers everywhere, and may be the next platform to fundamentally transform mobile app development.

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