ACX Exchange Review


ACX is one of the world’s few Australian cryptocurrency exchanges that has been operating since 2016. It is owned and managed by the Hong Kong-based Peak HK Limited, which has been running a cryptocurrency arbitrage fund since 2013.
In a relatively small time, ACX has managed to amass a large number of users, becoming one of the largest Australian exchanges, in terms of trading volume. According to a review, its daily Bitcoin volume is over $12 Mln AUD. It offers its users a diverse portfolio, allowing them to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Hcash (HSR) against the Australian Dollar.
Another thing that makes ACX standout from the rest is their zero trading fees policy, which is unusual, since most exchanges charge trading fees. However, ACX does charge 1% withdrawal fees for fiat currency to a bank account. These characteristics make ACX an attractive exchange to use for trading cryptocurrencies pair in the Australian market.
The downside to ACX is that it is still mainly focused on the Australian market and does not accept bank accounts, which are not of Australian origin. Moreover, the users can only deposit withdraw their earnings in AUD, which fairly limits the investor pool to only from Australia.
ACX also a strict KYC policy, which it claims, can take up to two business days. This means that the users cannot trade anonymously on the ACX exchange and have to provide proof of their identification before they can start using the platform. However, despite everything, the platform has enjoyed good reputation and the overall view of the platform is positive.

  • 24h Trading Volume

    737.830 BTC
  • Establish date

  • Headquater


ACX Exchange Review

  • ACX Withdraw

    BTC – 0.0001 BTC

    BCH – 0.0001 BCH

    ETH – 0.001 ETH

    Full list of fees can be found here

  • ACX Deposit fees

  • ACX Trading fees


  • Fiat Deposit

  • Accepted Payment Method

    Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to FIAT
  • Native Token

  • Margin Trading


ACX Exchange Score Analysis

ACX is a cryptocurrency exchange aimed at the australian market which is run from Hong Kong, and manages to serve as a fiat on-off ramp into and out of crypto. The exchange has an intuitive enough site and offers AUD deposits and withdrawals, alongside cryptocurrency. Aside from a somewhat pleasant trading experience, though, the exchange displays very low volume numbers, signaling minimal trading happening on the platform, and its range of cryptocurrency offerings is pretty narrow and limited. ACX has had trouble managing a stable relationship with a banking partner, going back and forth between banks in an effort to find a partner willing to enable them to continue operating in the regulatory-uncertain road they are currently in, serving the Australian market while being stationed in Hong Kong, all the while allowing Australian citizens to send and recieve AUD to the platform. The ACX team is nowhere to be found online – and so we cannot assess the capability of its team to effectively manage the company and assure the security of user funds. Due to this, alongside regulatory uncertainty and lack of funds insurance, we would recommend against entrusting the exchange with user funds for prolonged amounts of time. To conclude, while Australian citizens who wish to enter this new asset class, ACX might be a good one-time option, but they are at a serious disadvantage when looked at in the context of the global crypto market.