Bit-Z Exchange Review


Bit-Z, short for Bit-Zeus, is a digital asset exchange that was founded in December 2016. This was a couple of months before the start of the 2017 crypto bull market. A Bit-Z exchange review reveals that its headquarters are based in Hong Kong and it has a presence in no less than 10 countries and regions, including Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

It is also revealed in a Bit-Z exchange review that it is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world as measured by trading volume. It provides access to a 160+ markets and the high liquidity these markets offer, including professional trading access to no less than 100 digital assets and a 140+ trading pairs. Furthermore, Bit-Z provides access to reports, advanced charts, real-time market information, trading history as well as API access. This enables traders to make informed decisions.

In addition, they offer OTC trading services, including an OTC trading platform where ads pertaining to the buying / selling of certain crypto assets can be posted / listed. The OTC trading they offer makes the direct trading of digital currencies between users possible.

The team behind the exchange is made up of highly experienced, professionals with a diverse background when it comes to industry-related experience. A Bit-Z exchange review shows that they have experience in ecommerce, gaming, finance and social networking. This combined experience adds to the ease of use and security of the Bit-Z platform, including the deployment of SSL technology normally used by banks for optimal security.

  • 24h Trading Volume

    130786.448 BTC
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Bit-Z Exchange Review

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Bit-Z Exchange Score Analysis

BitZ is a Hong Kong based crypto currency exchange site. BitZ offers a below average number of markets and an about average number of tradable pairs. BItZ has an above average commission fee. Concerns for this project include no public information about the rest of the team members besides the CEO, who is experienced in their respective field. Another concerns includes a lack of insurance in the ca case of a future hack