CoinBene Exchange Review

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CoinBene Exchange Review

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CoinBene Exchange Score Analysis

Coinbene is a Chinese-operated and Singapore-based crypto-crypto exchange, offering reduced fees upon using the exchange’s own token, CONI, and which at some point was the top exchange by trading volume on many cryptocurrency trackers. While the volume that the exchange reports is very high, it is estimated that most of it is faked by the exchange itself using wash trading to inflate the actual numbers and attract users to the exchange. This is quite effective, and aside from the wash trading Coinbene does have a substantial user base that trades on the exchange. No KYC is required to start trading (up to 2 BTC daily withdrawal limit, same as Binance) made possible by Singapore’s flexible cryptocurrency ecosystem. Aside from these benefits, Coinbene has actually been involved in less-than-flattering affairs in the past, such as sexual harassment allegations towards the CEO (who it is now impossible to find online, and to determine if he still works at the company), Unprofessional listing processes, with projects such as ARK paying the absurdly high listing fees then encountering a team incapable of handling technical problems, and security issues with users complaining that login credentials could be easily stolen in the process because the eexchange does not utilize proper encryption methods. To conclude, while Coinbene is home to significant trading volume and an intuitive interface, the exchange has a not-so-flattering track record and lacks transparency in its operations and the team behind it.