Coineal Exchange Review

Coineal, a cryptocurrency exchange / crypto asset trading platform, was launched early 2018. A Coineal exchange review reveals that it was founded by a group that is made up of individuals from both China and South Korea. According to their website the founders include cryptocurrency investors, technology geeks and senior blockchain practitioners.

A Coineal exchange review reveals that they have offices in more than one country, including China, Japan and South Korea, with plans for further expansion. They serve the crypto space via no less than 59 markets and various cryptocurrency pairs. Beyond Tether’s USDT, they offer no fiat currency pairs and don’t seem to accept deposits in fiat currencies. In addition, they seem to have international partners that help to provide deep liquidity to their trading platform.

They seem to have an anti-DDOS system, distributed architecture and other measures in place in terms of security. This while the Coineal website is available in more than one language, including English. A Coineal exchange review reveals that they offer both a token listing and self-listing service for high quality projects. They also reserve the right to remove a token based on certain conditions and circumstances.

For example, when the team of a project requests to be delisted or have run into substantial legal or technical issues. Coineal will also delist a token if the daily trading volume falls below $100k for 15 consecutive business days. They may also choose to delist a token if they discover the information disclosed by a project is fraudulent or dishonest on a substantial scale. They also reserve the right to delist a token based on other circumstances that makes the token unfit for trading.

Coineal users will get a heads up 5 days in advance before a token is delisted. They will also have up to 30 days to withdraw the relevant token from their wallets at Coineal.

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    124546.095 BTC
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Coineal Exchange Review

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Coineal Exchange Score Analysis

Coinneal is a South Korean based crypto currencies exchange site. Coinneal offers a below average amount of markets and tradable crypto currencies on their site. Coinneal also has a n above average commission on trading fees. There are a number of concerns with this project. The CEO for this project has minimal experience in leadership and management roles. There is no cyber security specialist on the team, and the project does not make public most of the team members. Another major concern for the project is the lack of an insurance policy in the case of a hack.