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CredoEx Overview

  • “After launching and scaling BitBounce and it’s token Credo, the team realized that the users and owners lacked reliable on-and-off ramps into the token’s ecosystem. Easy access to Credo was essential for consumers who wanted to trade what they earned, enthusiasts who wanted to buy to hold, and businesses who wanted to buy in bulk and send paid marketing campaigns.

    Existing exchanges were either difficult to use with overly complicated user interfaces, unreliable with many technical downtimes, unaffordable with high transaction and withdrawal fees, or simply lacking in currency pairs.

    These hurdles inspired the BitBounce team to build CredoEx from the ground up to have a simple, easy to use interface, a robust technical architecture to avoid downtimes, reasonable fees and a host of currency pairs introducing users to the token economy. CredoEx runs on the highly scalable and reliable Elixir programming language used to build most of the internet’s networking infrastructure and massive applications like Whatsapp.

    CredoEx also brought in world class, easy-to-use design to ensure both experienced and novice users could make the most of the exchange. CredoEx lists tokens that allows users to access powerful services in the crypto-economy like identity management, decentralized computing, and prediction markets, to act as a gateway to the token economy.

    CredoEx has large ambitions—to become the premier exchange for cryptocurrencies and to be the foundation for the token economy by listing useful new token projects and helping to accelerate these projects with paid marketing email campaigns on BitBounce.”


    CredoEx Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

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                    • CredoEx Stablecoins trading

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                        • CredoEx Withdraw fees

                          $0 fees for withdrawals of virtual currency to an address off the CredoEx platform, such as Ethereum GAS fees, as an incentive for early adopters.

                          • CredoEx Withdraw fees discount


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