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DigiFinex Overview

  • The digital asset exchange, DigiFinex, short for Digital Asset Financial Exchange is owned and operated by DigiFinex Limited. A DigiFinex exchange review reveals that the latter is a Seychelles company with headquarters in Singapore. It was founded in 2017 by Ned Kee, the existing CEO of DigiFinex. This world-class exchange forms part of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by volume. It is a relatively unknown exchange, yet a serious player in the crypto space, servicing the crypto community via no less than 123 markets. It quickly rose in the ranks, giving rise to speculation that it may turn out to be a second Binance.

    A DigiFinex review also reveals that this relatively unknown digital asset exchange was primarily designed to serve the Asian market. Yet, also offer English and other language versions of their website, although traders from the US and Singapore are not allowed to trade or create accounts. It also reveals that DigiFinex is funded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, persons who are passionate about what blockchain technology has to offer. The core team is drawing experience from well-known technology companies, including Baidu, HP, Tencent and Xunlei.

    DigiFinex offers many advantages, including 100+ cryptocurrency trading pairs that can actively be traded, market info that is earmarked by transparency, OTC trading, trading rewards and so much more. A DigiFinex review also reveals that they make use of state-of-the-art technologies, including exemplary technology architecture and a US SEC level audit system. This coupled with active customer support, ensures a smooth user experience within a stable and secure trading environment.

    They also offer an ERC20 token of their own, namely DigiFinexToken (Ticker symbol: DFT).

    Security has special priority at DigiFinex. Their priority is to keep customers deposits safe and to create a stable trading environment through scalable HDM wallets (offline cold and multi-layer hot wallet) and special exchange service solutions (protect against attacks). Furthermore, they advise their customers on how to keep their funds and themselves safe.

    Depositing money at DigiFinex is for free, while withdrawal fees depend on the currency. Trading fees at DigiFinex are calculated on the past 30-day trading volume and are differentiated between maker and taker fees. Additionally, DigiFinex has two account types: general and VIP (offers many levels of VIP status). With an increase in volume not only fees decrease but also the VIP level rises. They now also supports fiat currencies, wherefore customers can pay using a credit card.

    The trading platform of DigiFinex seems simple and pretty straightforward. However, clients need to be advised that the color-coding for the price changes is different.

    DigiFinex also offers a reward system, in which customers get discounts for referring the platform to others. At the same time, new customers that got referred, and sign in over a referral link also get benefits. DigiFinex accepts global customers, except US or Singapore citizens. 

    DigiFinex Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

    • 24h Trading Volume

      104135.492 BTC

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                  • Native token smart contract


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                      • DigiFinex Stablecoins trading

                        DigiFinex Withdrawals

                        • Daily Withdrawal Limit

                          No Verification- 1BTC. Verification- 50BTC.

                          • DigiFinex Withdraw fees

                            Withdrawal fees adjust according to the blockchain conditions regularly.

                            Full list see here.

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                                DigiFinex Exchange Rating Analysis

                                Last edit 17.07.2019

                                • DigiFinex is a Seychelles based cryptocurrency exchange with their own token, large volume and well-built website. The team is public – with the CEO being well-experienced – and a small number of other staff found. Support was a little slow to respond to our queries, and crypto is not insured, so capital is at risk.

                                  DigiFinex IEO launchpad

                                  Stage Start date End date Fundraising
                                  Brave Sound Token

                                  Brave Sound Token

                                  May 13, 2019 - May 14, 2019 $1.92M

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