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  • EXX, which is short of Exchange X, is one of many other cryptocurrency exchanges launched in Hong Kong. The platform was established in 2017 by the company behind it, EXX Group LTD. Though the exchange offers its features in English as well, it mainly targets the Asian market. EXX allows its users to trade in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, HSR, QC, QTUM, and USDT.

    One of the advantages that the platform has is its low trading fees as it charges a flat trading fee of 0.10%. Considering that the global industry average is 0.25%, this is quite an appealing number. Most major cryptocurrency exchanges charge fees averaging around 0.20%-0.10%, which renders EXX’s fees quite attractive to the average user. EXX charges a withdrawal fee of 0.001 BTC, which is around the global industry average. Fiat-crypto trading is not supported on the platform, which might deter new cryptocurrency investors from using this platform.

    The exchange is known for the extensive list of cryptocurrencies that it supports. Margin trading is also available on the platform, which might be an important factor for certain cryptocurrency investors.

    There isn’t any information about the team behind the exchange, other than the name of the company that owns it. There are only a few pictures provided of the people in charge, yet there is a lack of background and experience information. There also is a lack of information on the security system that the exchange uses. No information on their techniques is provided on the website. This decreases the credibility of the exchange due to their lack of transparency. This detail could pose a serious concern for some users.

    The exchange offers a well-designed website, as well as a mobile app which can be downloaded on iOS and Android for those who prefer to trade on the go. The website offers a multi-lingual interface, with options such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. Though there haven’t necessarily been many complaints about the English translation of the website, the language options show that EXX aims to attract more Asian users than others. The interface is designed in a simple manner which details the functions of the exchange and its website clearly. All users can navigate the website with ease, given that they understand the interface language. 24/7 customer support is available on the website, which serves in English as well.

    Reviews on EXX on certain platforms have not been very pleasant so far. Many English-speaking users have complained about the exchange mishandling their accounts or freezing them out of their wallets. Though such complaints have been noticed by the customer support team, not all of them have been resolved. This points to a serious issue that the platform has with its English interface, as well as its customer support. Such complaints should be kept in mind when using the platform.

    EXX Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

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                                EXX Exchange Rating Analysis

                                Last edit 25.07.2019

                                • EXX exchange is a Hong Kong based crypto currency exchange site. EXX offers an above average amount of markets on their site, however offers a below average number of tradable pairs. Concerns for this project inlcude no public information on team members and lack of insurance in the case of a hack.

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