KKCoin Exchange Review


KKCoin Overview

  • “The KKcoin Exchange is a trading platform focused on blockchain assets created by a group of digital asset fans.We are registered in Singapore, the financial center of the world, providing global users with trading services such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and other digital assets, aggregated the global high-quality blockchain assets, and are committed to build world-class blockchain assets trading platform.”



    KKCoin Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

    • 24h Trading Volume

      15467.503 BTC

      • KKCoin Total Trading Pairs


        • KKCoin Margin Trading


          • KKCoin Deposit fees


            • KKCoin Fiat Deposit


              • Accepted Payment Method


                • KKCoin Native token


                  • Native token smart contract


                    • KKCoin Trading Markets
                      • KKCoin Stablecoins trading

                        KKCoin Withdrawals

                        • Daily Withdrawal Limit

                          depends on currency

                          • KKCoin Withdraw fees

                            Full list of withdrawal fees here.

                            • KKCoin Withdraw fees discount

                              50% transaction fee discount is still applicable on top of respective transaction fees of different ranks (applicable for Token Trading only)

                              • Proof of Reserves


                                KKCoin Exchange Rating Analysis

                                Last edit 18.07.2019

                                • KKCoin is yet another off-the-shelf crypto exchange, claiming to be registered in Singapore and catering to Chinese audiences. Relative to an exchange that reports almost $1B daily volume numbers, they are relatively unknown – and after taking a closer look at the actual exchange, we do believe most if not all of this volume is, in fact, faked by the exchange – in order to move up the ranks.
                                  KKCoin has its own token – KK – and we did not manage to understand its utility for the exchange users, due to the exchange’s inability to coherently communicate its offerings to English speaking customers.
                                  Even after trying to assess the impact this exchange has among Chinese customers, we are unable to do so, and we are only presented with the picture available to English speakers – a picture comprised of one semi-public team member and refusal on the exchange’s part to release additional details, questionable announcements regarding pausing of withdrawals, and a general less-than-legitimate feeling we receive while exploring the exchange.
                                  KKCoin does have a few benefits, mainly perpetual contracts, affiliate bonuses, competitive fees and they answered our support request on their live chat fairly quickly.
                                  Nevertheless, to our judgement KKCoin is a questionable place to put your money and there are better alternatives out there.

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