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Kyber Network Overview

  • Kyber Network is an on-chain, liquidity protocol that connects token ecosystems for instant, seamless and secure transactions. It allows businesses to receive any token as payment and receive it in their favored one (Vendors), exchange token in their wallet application (Wallets), source liquidity and use arbitrage programs (DApps) and to liquidate assets or rebalance token portfolios (Financial DApps). 

    Kyber Network was designed on the core values: platform agnostic, instant settlement (It offers settlement without risk and immediate inter-token transaction) and ease of integration (as it operates fully on-chain and transparent its design is innovative and compatible with other systems).

    Since liquidity is a key feature, Kyber creates a liquidity network based on diversity (include many token teams and funds), interoperability (find cross-chain solutions) and scalability (developing GORMOS). 

    Kyber Network offers many different roles and functions to its clients, there are users (individuals, professionals that transact cryptocurrencies), reserve entities (private or public entities that contribute liquidity), reserve contributors (contributors of entities that get a share of profit from the reserve), reserve managers (maintain and calculates exchange rates). 

    One special feature of Kyber Network is security. Through being decentralised and no necessary registration, Kyber does not need to store any data or funds, which reduces risk significantly. 

    It lists many token and has relatively low costs since all fees are included in the exchange price. However, it does not offer any non-Ethereum based tokens since the exchange runs on the Ethereum protocol.  This also requires previous knowledge, which makes it less suitable for beginners. Additionally, it does not accept any fiat currencies. 

    Kyber Network Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

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