LBank Exchange Review


LBank is a C2C exchange, short for Customer-to-Customer exchange, that was launched in October 2017. This exchange or blockchain-based platform makes the direct exchange of digital assets between buyers and sellers possible. It is a model that is very close to the peer-to-peer model normally used at decentralized exchanges (DEXs). A LBank exchange review shows that this China-based C2C exchange serves the crypto community via no less than 98 markets.

LBank offers various advantages to traders and other users of this C2C exchange. A LBank exchange review reveals that they offer low cost trading, spot trading (crypto-to-crypto) and access to 40+ cryptocurrency trading pairs and a boat load of altcoins. In addition, it is possible to trade anonymously as long as no fiat currency is involved in the trades. LBank also offers a C2C Over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform where certified sellers can list their offerings for sale and transact with buyers in a peer-to-peer manner that is safe and convenient.

A LBank exchange review also reveals that they provide margin trading or leveraging to institutional players and allow for the transfer or depositing of money directly from bank accounts. Furthermore, a LBank mobile app seems to be available for mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS. They also offer a voting mechanism in terms of new tokens to be listed.

A huge drawback is that the English version of the website has limited info available. Their primary focus seems to be on the Asian markets, but the limited availability of info in English, may serve to scare away many potential customers.

  • 24h Trading Volume

    130101.432 BTC
  • Establish date

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LBank Exchange Review

  • LBank Withdraw

    ETH – 0.01 ETH

    DASH – 0.002 DASH

    LTC – 0.01 LTC


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  • Fiat Deposit

  • Accepted Payment Method

    Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to FIAT
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LBank Exchange Score Analysis

LBank is a Hong Kong based crypto currency exchange site. LBank offers a below average number of markets and a below average number of tradable pairs. LBank offers an industry average commission fee. Concerns for this project include a lack of public information on most of the team members, a lack of quality customer service, and a lack of insurance in the case of a future hack.