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OOOBTC Overview

  • OOOBTC is a digital asset exchange or crypto exchange that serves the crypto space via no less than 28 active markets. An OOOBTC exchange review also shows that they offer trading access to various cryptocurrency pairs. The main cryptocurrencies listed are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

    An OOOBTC exchange review shows that in terms of security, they seem to use a combination of two factor authentication (2FA) and cold wallet storage. In addition, they seem to use encryption technology to protect both the personal account info and digital assets of users. The latter in terms of users that make use of the wallet app provided by OOOBTC to store cryptocurrencies or digital assets. The OOOBTC app or wallet also allows users to keep track of transactions and manage funds. It also seems to offer an opportunity to win cryptocurrencies by spinning a “lucky trade wheel.”

    It seems that OOOBTC also supports atomic cross-chain swaps or transactions. This allows for the convenient and secure exchange of digital assets across different networks or blockchains. Furthermore, an OOOBTC exchange review shows that they have their own platform token, namely OOOBTC Token (Ticker symbol: OBX). OBX seems to be an ERC20 token with a total supply of 3 billion tokens.

    In addition, it seems that a healthy 35% was airdropped at no charge to users in the community. Use cases for OBX token include voting, value-added services, game center consumption, pay by credit card, offline store consumption, charitable donation, pay the list fee and to earn dividends.

    OOOBTC supports a charity foundation with the aim of giving back to the community. The charity is called OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) and aims to support entrepreneurs and provide aid in sectors such as healthcare services.

    The exchange charges a flat trading fee of 0.15%, meaning both takers and makers are charged 0.15%. This is lower than the industry average of 0.25% and provides an appealing factor the users. The withdrawal fees are fixed at 0.50%, which is higher than most other exchange platforms. OOOBTC does not support fiat-crypto trading, meaning it is not friendly towards new cryptocurrency investors. Such investors could opt for other exchange platforms for better practicality. An exchange review reveals that liquidity on OOOBTC is quite low, which could be stemming from the high withdrawal fees or the fact that the exchange does not allow for anonymous trading.

    The exchange supports a website designed in a modern and practical fashion. There interface is multi-lingual, offering options such as Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, English, Indonesian and Korean. The exchange also supports a blog on their website, where issues and news concerning the cryptocurrency world are tackled. The website overall is quite user-friendly and provides the visitor with everything they may need, though nothing out of the ordinary is offered.

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