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Paymium Overview

  • Paymium is an online exchange where users can trade BTC against EUR and vice versa. It’s located in Paris, and it’s available for European countries and a few besides them. Although the US is included in the supported counties list, US-based traders cannot be accepted due to regulatory issues. It also offers a mobile app. Paymium states that their service complies with European regulation, although some reviews claim that it’s not regulated. It also offers cold storage for 98% of BTC that is deposited. For security reasons, it doesn’t store BTC in its servers, and it distributes the private keys of the customers to bank vaults in different cities.   

    There is a standard fee for the fully executed orders which is 0.2%. However, there are limits for the deposits and withdrawals of EUR which are 100 000€ per day and 500 000€ per month. If the users want to deposit BTC, there is no limit; but if they want to withdraw BTC, there is a 500 000€ limit per day. Customers can also use bank wires to deposit and withdraw money via SEPA payments. The deposits are free, yet there is 0.99€ fee for the withdrawals. Transactions for the BTC network are free and Paymium pays for the Bitcoin network commission.

    Users who want to transfer money up to €2 500 don’t need to verify their accounts. However, for any point above that, users have to provide ID and proof of address. Customer verification happens between 1-2 weeks (which is longer compared to other exchanges).

    Paymium is quite generous to release information on its team. Pierre Noizat is the founder and the CEO. He has been professionally involved in cryptography since 1992. Pierre Tavernier is the CMO and he has more than 12 years of experience in finance, consulting and entrepreneurship. He got his hands on cryptos in 2013. Dominique Rodrigues is CTO, and he has two patents in distributed cloud computing and security. Laetitia Zito is the CFO and has been working in finance management for more than 10 years.


    Paymium Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

    • 24h Trading Volume

      3.882 BTC

      • Paymium Total Trading Pairs


        • Paymium Margin Trading


          • Paymium Deposit Fees

            Standard fee of 8% for bank cards and no fees for bank wires or bitcoins.

            • Paymium Trading Fees

              There is a standard fee of 0.59% that applies to "executed" orders. In the case of a "partially executed" order, this fee applies only to the fraction of the order that was effectively executed.

              • Paymium Fiat Deposit


                • Accepted Payment Methods


                  • Paymium Native Token


                    • Native Token Smart Contract


                      • Paymium Trading Markets
                        • Paymium Stablecoins Trading


                          Paymium Markets Data

                          Market Price Volume (24h) Change (24h) Last update
                          BTC/EUR € 52,300.0 Ƀ 1.46

                          € 300.00


                          2021-11-01 22:33:42

                          Paymium Withdrawals

                          • Daily Withdrawal Limit

                            500.000 EUR or equivalent

                            • Paymium Withdrawal Fees

                              There is a fee of 0.99 EUR for bank wires, however the bitcoin transfers are free.

                              • Paymium Withdrawal Fees Discount


                                • Proof of Reserves


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