PROBIT Exchange Review


“ProBit seeks to distinguish itself from other exchanges proliferating the market. ProBit Exchange was built with features guaranteed to provide traders with the best trading experience.”


  • 24h Trading Volume

    1894.181 BTC
  • Establish date

  • Headquater


PROBIT Exchange Review

  • PROBIT Withdraw

    You may find the withdrawal fee when submitting a withdrawal request.

  • PROBIT Fees Discount

    Trade Mining Incentives

  • PROBIT Deposit fees

  • PROBIT Trading fees

    Standard users: Maker 0.1%, Taker 0.1%
    Market makers: Maker 0%, Taker 0%

  • Fiat Deposit

  • Accepted Payment Method

    Crypto to Crypto only
  • Native Token

  • Margin Trading


PROBIT Exchange Score Analysis

Based in South Korea, the PROBIT Global exchange has an advanced and easily accessible website. Any issues users have can be resolved via support email – rather quickly.

It shows a good performance with low tradings fees and some middle-tier volumes. PROBIT currently has 36 coins available to trade including their own token, PROB, and the amount is growing steadily. PROBIT doesn’t accept any fiat trading in its Global version, although they also offer a Korean-focused exchange, in which Korean customers can deposit and trade against the Won.

The team is quite public on LinkedIn with the CEO Hynusu Do, while PROBIT is apparently his first crypto-experience. The exchange doesn’t offer any insurance for customers, they however use cold storage, and claim 95% of cryptocurrencies are stored offline. They also offer many security layers on withdrawals.

In conclusion, PROBIT definitely displays many qualities of a serious exchange, albeit a younf one, and it operates in a competitive landscape of exchanges and must offer higher volume numbers and coin offerings to attract significant customer activity.