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    "Satang Pro is the digital asset exchange platform which is considered the heart of digital asset exchange business. Satang has been continually improving the quality of the platform under the highest standard. Customers are able to check the currency of other popular currency such as Zcoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum instantly in just one click at Balances. Purchase history can also be tracked conveniently without the time-consuming process of searching. Our main priorities consist of advanced security in system usage, complete credibility in the system and service, and reasonable service fee to become the best digital asset exchange hub for the customers and prepare for further collaboration with other systems from Satang for the complete daily life experience.

    Satang App Digital Wallet

    E-Wallet system is designed to connect with Satang Pro and facilitate the access and management of digital asset with just one click. Equipped with special features including digital currency transaction, loaning, advanced security system, and smooth transition to mobile-banking.

    Satang Shop

    The application is designed for E-commerce management for digital transaction between both vendors and customers. Users can top-up, buy, sell, and pay for their utilities and public transportation conveniently. The application is also connected with the best digital asset exchange platform Satang Pro." 


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