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  • "Early adopters of cryptocurrencies have earned life changing amounts of money in 2017. This growth can be attributed to two different factors. The first is increased adoption. More people have learned about cryptocurrencies, downloaded and installed wallets and made their first purchases in 2017 than in all other years combined. The second cause is derived from the first - big money investors have noticed this booming market and they are trying to carve themselves a large share before it’s too late to do so.

    It is of particular notice that these two causes have generally attracted two different cohorts of people under their banners. The first group is represented by those who think that money should be free from external interference. The street on which you were born should not determine whether you end up printing free money or work your entire life to earn it to survive. The second group of people is represented by large institutional investors who want to preserve the financial status quo and stay in power despite the apparent decentralized revolution.

    We are former employees of such organizations who want to ride the wave that will shatter their monopoly, who want to make financial services that the 1% enjoy available to everybody on Earth.

    We have a track record of delivering products. To start things off we’ve adopted a new and improved token standard, ERC223 and contributed to its reference implementation, as well as created an upgrade protocol to modernize existing ERC20 tokens. While working on our crowdsale contract we have fixed two glaring bugs on website. Most recently, we’ve launched a 0% fee decentralized exchange, Radex."


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              0% maker fee 0.25% taker fee Full information found here

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                                  Jun 01, 2019 - Jul 29, 2019 6.6K ETH

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