Tokenomy Exchange Review


Tokenomy Overview

  • Tokenomy is an exchange platform based in Singapore. There are 2 main sections on its website. The first one is called “Blockchain Project Launchpad” where customers can launch their ICOs via crowdfunding. The second one is called “Token Exchange” which enables customers to trade cryptocurrencies. Tokenomy also offers loyalty programs, donations, and crowdfunding. 

    If a business has an idea related to blockchain technology, then Tokenomy helps that business to get started via Tokenomy Launchpad. Anyone can submit their application free of charge and if their submission is successful then the payments are arranged between the two parties. The Tokenomy’s team reviews the applications based on several factors such as their white papers, the team, record of the business, and the level of necessity of the business in solving real problems. After approximately 30 days of reviewing the idea, the Tokenomy’s team contacts the business with further steps.     

    Regarding the fees, the makers and takers have different percentages. The makers trade at 0%, this is because Tokenomy wants to incentives the liquidity in its platform. On the other hand, takers have a 0.25% fee. If the user wants to pay that fee with TEN, then the fee is reduced to 0.125%. It’s important to mention that Tokenomy accepts only crypto deposits. 

    Tokenomy is in collaboration with (formally known as PT BitCoin Indonesia) which has over 1 million customers making it the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. It was founded in 2014 and managed to reach US$230 million in November 2017. 

    Tokenomy Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

    • 24h Trading Volume

      77.461 BTC

      • Tokenomy Total Trading Pairs


        • Tokenomy Margin Trading


          • Tokenomy Deposit fees


            • Tokenomy Fiat Deposit


              • Accepted Payment Method


                • Tokenomy Native token


                  • Native token smart contract


                    • Tokenomy Trading Markets
                      • Tokenomy Stablecoins trading

                        Tokenomy Withdrawals

                        • Daily Withdrawal Limit


                          • Tokenomy Withdraw fees

                            Varies. Information is only available for registered members.

                            • Tokenomy Withdraw fees discount

                              0.125% fees for Takers instead of 0.25% when the fee is paid in TEN (Tokenomy) tokens.

                              • Proof of Reserves


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