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ZB Mega (ZBM) Overview

  • "On November 1, 2018, the tenth anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin, ZB Mega (ZBM) was officially established. The management team is located in Singapore, one of the world financial centers and the friendliest country in the blockchain policy. The core members are rooted in Singapore. They have worked in top companies such as Apple Asia Pacific, Wall Street investment banks, Big four accounting firms, BP and so on. They have successfully served and incubated over 100 blockchain projects. They have an abundant theoretical knowledge and practical experience in both traditional and blockchain industries. They are truly All-Star teams.

    ZBM is positioned in a new high level of compliance digital financial platform, aiming at the vast growth market, building the most reliable bridge between blockchain technology and the real world with new products and services, and opening a new era of navigation."(https://www.zbm.com/en/#/n/help/whitepaper)

    ZB Mega (ZBM) Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

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      NaN BTC

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            Free - No Fee

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              Maker 0.2% Taker 0.2%

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                        • ZB Mega (ZBM) Stablecoins Trading

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