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Jon Walsh is an international speaker, educator, and strategist on Blockchain as an enabler for transforming business models. Jon specialises in enterprise scale business model transformation projects where Blockchain technology enables business models, strategies, and efficiencies which previously were not considered possible. He is also an accomplished scam buster. Jon is a partner at Blockchain Rookies, and former advisor to two Blockchain adtech startups. He has had a 20+ year career as an entrepreneur and angel investor covering multiple aspects of digital media and adtech including premium brand sales, mobile, video, programmatic, in-image, and international. Jon is a published author, contributing to the successful Understanding Digital Media series of books, as well as being a regular contributor to CIty AM and on the topics of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • OneCoin: The scam that refuses to die

    OneCoin: The scam that refuses to die

    How can this scam continue? The short answer is brute force. In all my years of exposing scams, I have never seen the cult belief so strong. The top “leaders” that haven’t left the sinking ship, have been gulping on the Ponzi/pyramid Kool-Aid for so long that it is all that runs in their veins.
  • CoinTelegraph runs ad for Karatbars Ponzi scheme!

    CoinTelegraph runs ad for Karatbars Ponzi scheme!

    One of these sites is CoinTelegraph. According to Linkedin, CoinTelegraph has 128 employees… Unfortunately, not one of them was able to spot and block a well known cryptocurrency Ponzi/Pyramid scheme: Karatbars.