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The Cointelligence Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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Academy Session 1: Background & Intro to Bitcoin

Start at the beginning of the cryptocurrency education course and learn blockchain fundamentals, including what a blockchain is, what bitcoin is, and more.

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Academy Session 2: Bitcoin Continued: Mining & Wallets

One of the first steps to learn crypto currency is to understand how it is mined and stored.

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Academy Session 3: Crypto Market: Beginnings & Overview

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading.

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Academy Session 4: Crypto Market: Metrics & Aggregators

In this session we dive deeper into the crypto market to help you understand metrics.

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Academy Session 5: Choosing a Wallet

Learn how to determine which wallet is best for your needs (Not sure what a wallet is? Review Lesson 2 before taking this lesson).

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Academy Session 6: Stablecoins

In this session we focus on Stablecoins, what they are, why they're needed, and how they work.

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Academy Session 7: Payment Coins

Diving deeper into the various types of Payment-oriented cryptocurrencies, their unique traits and what they set out to achieve.

Our Premium Courses

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Learn Smart Contracts With Charles Kerrigan

Cointelligence Academy is pleased to offer a smart contract focused course taught by highly respected lawyer, author, and blockchain expert Charles Kerrigan. This course explains smart contracts in plain English, making the concept accessible to everyone.

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Learn Tokenization and Real-Estate STOs with Yael Tamar

Cointelligence Academy is pleased to offer a course on how to master tokenization. This course is your gateway into the world of real estate tokenization, to the possibility of fractional investment in real estate.


On-Site Training

Cointelligence Academy provides on-site cryptocurrency and blockchain training for organizations. Our team of experts is available to teach your employees, students, or any other group about a wide range of topics related to digital assets. We are also available for presentations and panels at conferences.

Our Primary Instructor Team

Cointelligence Academy classes are taught by a team of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and finance experts. If you have any questions about digital assets, join our Telegram chat and our team will give you the answers and resources you need.

  • On Yavin

    On Yavin

    On Yavin is the founder and CEO of Cointelligence. Since 2017, he has been dedicated to championing cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and calling out bad actors in the scene. On works tirelessly to build the cryptocurrency community, bank the unbanked, fight corruption, and make education accessible to people around the world.

  • Hosam Mazawi

    Hosam Mazawi

    Hosam is the CSO of Cointelligence. He is an expert strategist in the cryptocurrency field. Since 2017, his expertise on the crypto community has made him a respected thought leader and a sought-after speaker at global crypto events. He has served as an advisor on numerous cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. He is also the co-founder of a successful bespoke programming house. He is passionate about start-ups and full of advice for anyone looking to form a business.

  • Raz Peleg

    Raz Peleg

    Raz is a native crypto researcher, focusing on emerging trends, technologies, and the practical uses of blockchain technology and the Internet-of-Value, having delved into the field in 2016. Raz also studies Computer Science and Economics at Israel's Open University, and in his spare time likes to fly gliders and build GPU mining rigs.

  • Charles Kerrigan

    Charles Kerrigan

    Charles Kerrigan is a lawyer specialising in finance and technology. He works on corporate finance and venture capital fundraising transactions for companies, funds, platforms and financial institutions. He works on consulting projects on blockchain, digital assets, AI and automation/transformation for public bodies, policy makers, standards institutions and corporate clients.


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Maksym Koghut

Phd Researcher, Kent Business School

“We can’t talk about mass adoption without talking about education. People need to learn about cryptocurrency before they feel comfortable using it. Cointelligence has designed a hands-on course that will get people setting up wallets and exchange accounts with confidence, and more importantly, common sense.”

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Roxana Nasoi

Chief Communications Officer, Aimedis

“In a space where companies appear overnight and disappear just as quickly, I was impressed to see companies like Cointelligence retaining their mission, values, and consistency throughout the years. In the past year, for me personally it has become the place I constantly turn to for reliable cryptocurrency research.”

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Guy Corem

Board Director at Beam

“Cointelligence has established themselves as one of the most reliable sources for crypto data. I can't think of anyone I'd trust more to offer an unbiased crypto education.”

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Jonas S

Founding Partner & Executive Chairman AmaZix

“In the time I've been in the blockchain industry, I've seen it all. Good and bad. Cointelligence has always stood out as one of the best in terms of integrity. Because of this I'm confident that they're well-suited to offer a proper crypto education.”

Our Guides

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The Cointelligence GameFi Play To Earn (P2E) Guide 2021

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Optimizing your crypto taxes during bear market

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An overview of cryptocurrencies for distributed computing

Any user on the blockchain network can pay cryptographic tokens, or coins, to rent the computing resources of personal c...

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An overview of the most reliable cryptocurrency smart contract platforms

Smart contracts are means for exchanging money, shares, properties, or any form of asset in a transparent, secure, confl...

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The Security Token Offering (STO) Playbook

Even though the security token market is evolving at a rather fast pace, the industry is still in its very early days. A...