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On Yavin is the founder and CEO at Cointelligence, the data layer for the crypto economy. He has extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor, as well as more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. On uses his deep hands-on experience and knowledge of online marketing to create winning strategies for ICOs, crypto, and blockchain companies. Having earned the reputation of crypto expert, On continues to contribute to this industry in ways that advance cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. On has a law degree (LLB) and is also a certified Advocate by the Israeli Bar Association.



    A few days ago I started talking to community members about the fact that CC Forum is enabling scammers by inviting them to be speakers at their event. I was planning to call out the scammers as part of my speech there, and I was also debating whether I should call out the organizers for not conducting any vetting of participants and therefore potentially legitimizing scammers and unscrupulous operators.
  • Cointelligence Cryptocurrency Due Diligence and Professional Services

    Cointelligence Cryptocurrency Due Diligence and Professional Services

    At Cointelligence, we have built our reputation on providing well-researched guides on various cryptocurrency and blockchain topics and impartial ratings of ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and exchanges. We have learned how best to audit cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Now, you can harness our research skills for your own needs.
  • TRUE STORY: We don’t own the money in our bank accounts

    TRUE STORY: We don’t own the money in our bank accounts

    Another person might not fight for a few hundred Euros worth of charges that should not have been made, which means so many people lose their money because banks falsely charge them and nobody does anything about it. Not the governments, not the regulators, not the customers.
  • Fight To Fame: another blockchain fraud

    Fight To Fame: another blockchain fraud

    A cryptocurrency project planning on an early June token sale with grand schemes to have competition-reality-show-like fights around the world, is in fact created and supported by an Interpol-wanted Chinese fugitive alleged to have defrauded billions from ordinary Chinese in 2016 in a massive financial Ponzi scheme. Additionally -- and completely counter to their claims – the project does not include Mike Tyson.
  • Your concise guide IEO marketing and running an IEO

    Your concise guide IEO marketing and running an IEO

    After quietly flying below the radar since December 2017, initial exchange offerings (IEOs) have suddenly picked up a great deal of interest in Spring 2019. If you are considering an IEO for your cryptocurrency project, you probably have some questions about how to market it. Below, find our top advice on IEO marketing.
  • Can Chainstarter be trusted?

    Can Chainstarter be trusted?

    Misuse of investor funds - I reviewed a lot of emails and open letters and blog posts in the course of preparing this article, and there was one thing that both Mr. Ayton and Mr. Lofts can agree on: 21 Million made a loan of funds to Chainstarter, the ICO advisory company that Mr. Ayton and Mr. Lofts were also co-founders of.
  • STOs are real, and they’re here to stay

    STOs are real, and they’re here to stay

    There’s nothing like a good debate to get everyone to think about and solidify their positions, so I’d like to say a few things in defense of the existence and value of STOs.
  • Changelly and ChangeNOW controversy

    Changelly and ChangeNOW controversy

    One recent example of a customer seeking justice by trying to expose an exchange that allegedly wronged him is the case of Bitcointalk user ni23457. He states that the ChangeNOW exchange has been withholding his funds for months now, without a valid reason. After scouring the internet for information about the platform and its leaders, the user pointed out to its connection to other crypto businesses.
  • Interview with Justas Pikelis of Monetha

    Interview with Justas Pikelis of Monetha

    I recently had the chance to sit down with Justas Pikelis, the co-founder of Monetha. We had a lengthy conversation about what Monetha is doing, and what contributed to the success of their ICO. I think you'll find his insights into ICO marketing and community building very interesting, especially if you are considering your own ICO, STO, or TGE in the near future.
  • How is Cointelligence different?

    How is Cointelligence different?

    We’re not like the strict professor at university who likes giving low grades, we just believe in fairness and it would be wrong to deceive the investors by giving false ratings to ICO projects.
  • Tech journalists and responsibility

    Tech journalists and responsibility

    Due diligence isn't just in the hands of would-be ICO investors. It falls on all of us. Journalists. ICO raters. Crypto experts. Bloggers. We all have a responsibility to research what we're talking about, to dig deeper when something doesn't seem to be right, and to call-out the lies, scams, and corruption that we see.
  • The road more traveled

    The road more traveled

    It seems that schisms will always happen, and now we have the schism which occurred at block 478,559, when there was a permanent divergence from the previous version of the blockchain, and nodes running previous versions ceased to be accepted by the newest version. Welcome to the world, Bitcoin Cash!
  • In data we trust - but which data should we trust?

    In data we trust - but which data should we trust?

    Right now the cryptosphere is largely still ruled by the brains and hearts of entrepreneurs. People create projects because they really love the idea they want to broach to the world, and they then use their intelligence to make the best of their offer. The machines will take over sooner or later however because that's just the way it is.
  • Where should you publish your crypto blog?

    Where should you publish your crypto blog?

    For companies that host their blog on Medium, users only spend a short amount of time on the company’s website. Instead of staying to read blog articles, users are sent off to another website. If a user arrived to a company’s website via a Google organic search, sending the user to another website may actually hurt that website’s ranking.
  • FUSION's innovative platform connects various forms of blockchains

    FUSION's innovative platform connects various forms of blockchains

    Via a novel technology relying on distributed management of control rights, tokens and coins belonging to different blockchains can be mapped directly onto FUSION's blockchain. As such, FUSION's wallets can be used to store coins and tokens existing on multiple blockchains, unlike conventional multi-coin wallets which can only store tokens and coins based on the same algorithm or protocol.
  • A guide to spot ICO scams

    A guide to spot ICO scams

    As an investor, you're all on your own when it comes to busting fraudulent ICOs to avoid wasting your coins on scams, and star-crossed projects. Throughout this article, we will help you examine ICO projects to ensure they're real, legitimate business opportunities that one can consider investing in.
  • How To Launch A $100M ICO [Conference Call]

    How To Launch A $100M ICO [Conference Call]

    Cointelligence and are hosting a conference call with Moshe Hogeg, Founder and Co-CEO of Sirin Labs. Here, we will talk about what it takes to launch such a successful ICO, the writing of white papers, and the development of next generation technology.
  • Our sponsored post policy

    Our sponsored post policy

    There are only 2 options for paid content on Cointelligence: one is PR which is tagged as such, and the other is guest blog posts which are published under the name of the person who paid for and wrote the blog post. We never have and will never publish any paid content as editorial content under Cointelligence's name or the name of one of our team members, without adding a sponsored tag.